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Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd would like to welcome you to the 2020 Block Party - a Play-At-Home extravaganza!

While we didn't kick off the summer in our conventional way, this year we moved many Block Party favorites online for your enjoyment. While everything was released on June 6, it will continue to remain available all summer long for you to enjoy and share.

Thanks for stopping in and playing at home with us!

Performers that you would have seen at the Block Party are performing here throughout the day. Check out the ones below that have already performed and check back later to see the great artists that are still to come.

Block Party Bear
Introducing 'Block Party Bear' by the Rev. Richard Jorgensen! Block Party Bear and friends take a fun look at the block party and why we continuously celebrate this event each year.
All Weather Band
What do Bob Wills, the Dead, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan have in common? They are all covered by the Lancaster-based All Weather Band, of course! They play all varieties of country, Americana, and roots rock, with a few originals thrown in.
Adam Hoy
Adam Hoy joins us again in 2020 to entertain with guitar and piano.
Corina Rose
Enjoy country music by local singer/songwriter Corina Rose
Paloma School of Dance
The Paloma School of Irish Dance was founded in 2015 by Esther Pujol. What began with a handful of students in a kitchen has now grown into a school of 70+ students. The students have danced in over 200+ performances in the surrounding areas from nursing homes to concerts with Celtic bands from Ireland.
Randoll Rivers Elvis Experience
Randoll Rivers delights us as he sings a few favorite songs as the King of Rock and Roll.

Mr. Charisma
Music from Yesterday’s Generation...Do you love the music of Frank, Dean or Darin? How about Elvis, Buddy Holly or The Bopper? Passion is the heart and soul of music and Mr Charisma has that passion!

Favorites return as Sideshow Wonders. Take a view out of the basket of a fire truck or learn how to make some fun balloon animals. There's a lot to love off the mainstage.

Lafayette Fire Co. - Ladder Truck Adventure
Get a view from high up out over Greenfield when you take a ride in the basket of a fire truck. If you're afraid of heights, this is the way to see the view while keeping your feet on solid ground. Printable Firetruck Coloring Page
Fancy Face Painter's Challenge
Learn how to face paint a unicorn. Once you've mastered yours, share it to our Facebook page for all to see!

Family Faith and Fun Storytime
Listen to a story from our Family Faith and Fun series. You might just learn something new!

Watch Now
Singing along with Cantor Chris
Learn a song with Cantor Chris. He'll even teach some motions to help you remember the words. Be sure to watch out for a special guest, too!
Balloon Animals
Learn how to make some fun balloon animals. You might even be able to invent a few of your own after you learn the basics!

Come Fun and All! Play some carnival games online or ride a virtual roller coaster. There's lots of fun to be had while staying at home.

Carnival Games Galore
Create your own Carnival Games:
Homemade Carnival Games
5 DIY Carnival Games

Virtual Carnival Games
National Field Day
Wild Ride Adventure
There are no minimum heights here. Jump on a virtual rollercoaster and have a blast. Just remember to secure loose objects and hold on to the lap bar!

HelloGiggles - Virtual Roller Coaster Rides
Virtual Roller Coaster rides for at-home Thrills
Take a virtual ride on 15 coasters at Hersheypark
Giant Stuffed Bears enjoy a rollercoaster ride with you
A fun twist on bingo. Complete fun activities to fill in this BINGO board. We'll leave the prizes up to you.

Quarantine Bingo
Virtual Bingo Games
Let's Bounce
The Bounce House is an annual favorite, but you can bounce at home with a playlist of songs about jumping! We look forward to welcoming you back next year when kids can bounce in our house instead of yours.

Songs to Bounce to

Clownin' Around
For the aspiring clown, a bit of clownin' around is an absolute necessity. From jokes to some fun games, we won't judge if you're so into it that you even put on the brightly colored costume and wig

Printable Block Party Word Scramble

When you get hungry, learn how to make a walking taco or funnel cake. Food brings the entire Block Party experience into your home.

How to make a Walking Taco
Grab a few ingredients and make a walking taco. We'll show you how!

Printable Walking Taco Recipe

Carnival Treat Roundup
Create your own Carnival Foods:
Copycat Carnival Foods
Carnival Recipes
Carnival Foods at Home

Learn about protecting the environment or say high to some new animal friends. Creation Connection is your place to learn something new about the world around you.

Critter Connections
Learn about a variety of critters including turtles, lizards, snakes, and more! Mr. Mike will share from his vast knowledge about these animals. Printable Critter Maze
FB: Critter Connections

Penn State Watershed Stewards

Printable Watershed Action Plan