WORSHIP TIMES (Currently Suspended, read more )
Saturday 6:00 PM and Sunday 8:15 AM & 11:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
Sunday 9:30 AM – Education hour for all ages (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

While the Good Shepherd community is respecting the social distancing protocols recommended by health professionals and government leaders, please use this page to connect for worship, study and prayer during this extended time of separation. 

Submit prayer requests at any time to: https://GoodShepherdLancaster.org/prayers

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Virtual Worship EASTER 7, May 23-24: Click Here
For Youth and Young Adults, we recommend these interactive weekly Bible Study devotionals: Click Here
Virtual Worship EASTER 6, May 16-17: Click Here
Virtual Worship EASTER  5, May 9-10: Click Here  
Virtual Worship EASTER 4, May 2-3: Click Here
Virtual Worhsip EASTER 3, April 25-26: Click Here
Virtual Worship EASTER 2, April 18-19: Click Here
Virtual Worship EASTER, April 11- 12: Click Here
Virtual Worship PALM SUNDAY, April 4-5: Click Here
Virtual Worship LENT 5, March 28 - 29: Click Here
Virtual Worship LENT 4, March 21-22: Click Here
Virtual Worship LENT 3, March 14-15: Click Here 


Easter 6 Wednesday Spiritual Resilience Prayer Practice: Exploring Spiritual Types with Deacon Marsha Roscoe: Click Here 
Easter 5 Spiritual Resilience Prayer Practice: "An Examen for Quarantine": Click Here 
Easter 4 Wednesday Spiritual Resilience Prayer Practice: Gratitude Walk with Shawn Fink: Click Here  
Easter 2 Midweek Spiritual Resilience Prayer Moments for the Easter Season: Julian of Norwich Body Prayer with special guest, licensed Christian therapist, Allie Kochert: Click Here
EASTER 1 Midweek Prayer Service Video: Click Here 
LENT 5 "Oasis" Midweek Prayer Service Video: Click Here
LENT 4  "Oasis" Midweek Prayer Service Video: Click Here
LENT 3 "Oasis" Midweek Prayer Service Video: Click Here  
ELCA Weekly "At-Home" Worship Service Blog: Click Here


Easter 6 Adult Ed Faith Forum on Psalm 66 with Pastors Wilson and Herbener: Click Here 
Easter 5 Adult Faith Forum on Psalm 31: Click Here 
Pandemic Faith, a new 8-week family devotional for life during COVID-19.  Able to be used with a variety of age groups and living arrangements. Pandemic Faith begins on Monday, May 11th Click Here.
Easter 4 Bible Study Recording: Psalm 23 with Pastor Russell: Click Here
"Christ In Our Home" Daily Devotions from Augsburg Fortress: Click Here
Recording of  Easter 3 Adult Ed/Faith Forum: Click Here 
Recording of Easter 2 Adult Ed/Faith Forum "The Psalms of Easter Season" with Pastor Herbener: Click Here 
Passion Narrative Study with Garrett Book via YouTube: Click Here
Adult Bible Study for LENT 5 (Audio Recording):
Adult Bible Study for LENT 4 via YouTube: Click Here
Adult Bible Study for the LENT 3 (Audio Recording):
ELCA "Pandemic Hope" Family Daily Devotional: Click Here 


May Family, Faith and Fun YouTube Playlist "Mustard Seed": Click Here

Additional Activities: Click Here



Family Sunday School Video: Click Here

Spark Family Sunday School Downloads: Click Here


Download FREE coloring and activity pages that match each week's lectionary texts: Click Here

Help Kids Manage Anxiety Around the Coronavirus with Expert Videos: Click Here
Confirmation Interactive Resources: Click Here 



How to prepare for digital worship to make it more meaningful: Click Here  
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Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety: Click Here
Strategies for Combating Fear and Stress During Coronavirus (YouTube video): Click Here
Coping with Anxiety Article from PennLive: Click Here 
Pandemic of Grief Article from Center for Grief and Loss: Click Here
Bible Verses of Comfort and Strength for Time of Uncertainty: Click Here
"How To" Tutortials from Good Shepherd Council President Kris Albert
How to Watch Worship Videos In Order On YouTube: Click Here 
An Invitation to Sunday Bible Study on the Psalms: Click Here 
How to Use Zoom for Church Meetings and Social Gatherings: Click Here 
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