Saturday 6:00 PM and Sunday 8:15 AM & 11:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
Sunday 9:30 AM – Education hour for all ages (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

All ages growing in faith and understanding.

Christian Education is a life-long process of learning about the God in whom we believe and what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Good Shepherd has educational opportunities for children and families, youth, and adults.  None of us has it all figured out.  Grace tells us that is OK!  All are welcome to bring your doubts and questions and we will endeavor to learn from one another.

Catechesis (cat-uh-key-sis) is the term the Church uses to talk about instruction in the life and faith of the Church. While catechesis is important for children and young people, it is equally important that adults seize every possible opportunity to grow in the understanding of their faith. Read about the various study, learning and growing opportunities adults can enjoy by downloading a brochure for the current school year.        

Adult Education Offerings 2017-2018

EPIPHANY TERM — January 7 - February 11

January 14 - February 11; Adult Class (5 wks): Our Neighbor’s Faith, with Pastors Mark Russell, Tom Karge & Garrett Book

Utilizing a video-based resource entitled “Christianity and World Religions” by Pastor Adam Hamilton, named by PBS as one of the top “Ten People to Watch,” this class will explore four major world religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism—and compare the beliefs of eachwith those of Christianity. As part of the study, author and presenter Adam Hamilton interviews a religious leader from each tradition, treating the world religions with great respect, and recognizing the unique contributions of each. Pastor Hamilton urges us as Christians to build bridges with others so that we might grow in our faith, seek peace in our world, love our neighbor, and find positive ways to share the gospel.

TERM — February 18 - March 25

February 18; Forum: R3 - reFORM+reNEW+reVISION, with Dr. Kristen Albert & Renewal Team

Come to hear from the Renewal Team and engage in the process of spiritual renewal and reenergized discipleship.

February 25 - March 25; Adult Class (5 wks): Earthbound: Created and Called to Care for Creation, with Pastor Mark Russell and Garrett Book

We are called to be good neighbors to the creation. But, no matter your political stance, there is no getting around it: the earth is being damaged by human activity. Christians have a complex relationship with God’s creation. We have tangled up our concepts of dominion and stewardship. And in trying to be God-focused, many Christians become heaven-focused, at the expense of our earthly home. Can Scripture and our own religious tradition help us rethink those relationships? Is there a model for care of the creation that doesn’t force us to the polarized margins? Thinkers like Walter Brueggemann and Barbara Rossing will join us via DVD.

EASTER TERM — April 1 - May 20

April 1; Easter Day | Breakfast and Egg Hunt

April 8; Forum: R3 - reFORM+reNEW+reVISION, with Dr. Kristen Albert and the Renewal Team

Come to hear from our Renewal Team and engage in the process of spiritual renewal and reenergized discipleship.

April 15; Forum: When Helping Hurts, with a representative from Water Street Mission

Loving our neighbor (well) can be complicated, and risky. In this forum we will engage in a discussion about how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor—or yourself. The forum will be based on the book of the same name, written by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, and will include insights from Water Street Mission’s work to create an environment where God can bring restoration to people experiencing homelessness.

April 22; Good Shepherd Sunday— 10 am combined service and Congregational Meeting at 11:15. (No Sunday School)

April 29 - May 20; Inquirer's Class

This class is taught by Pastor Russell and is designed to help those considering becoming a part of this community of faith learn more about Lutheran Christianity and how it is lived out at Good Shepherd.

April 29; Service Fair

You know our mission: To live out the unconditional love and radical hospitality of Jesus in our worship, in our shared life, and in our service to our community and our world. Are you curious to know how the people of Good Shepherd are being called to serve? Perhaps you are seeking ways to live out your Christian discipleship at Good Shepherd or beyond. Join us on this Sunday and learn about how this community of faith is giving of their gifts and talents, as well as opportunities for service at Good Shepherd and in our community. Local non-profit opportunities will also be our guests at this Service Fair.