Saturday 6:00 PM and Sunday 8:15 AM & 11:00 AM – Holy Eucharist
Sunday 9:30 AM – Education hour for all ages (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

All ages growing in faith and understanding.

Christian Education is a life-long process of learning about the God in whom we believe and what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Good Shepherd has educational opportunities for children and families, youth, and adults.  None of us has it all figured out.  Grace tells us that is OK!  All are welcome to bring your doubts and questions and we will endeavor to learn from one another.

Catechesis (cat-uh-key-sis) is the term the Church uses to talk about instruction in the life and faith of the Church. While catechesis is important for children and young people, it is equally important that adults seize every possible opportunity to grow in the understanding of their faith. Read about the various study, learning and growing opportunities adults can enjoy by downloading a brochure for the current school year.        

Adult Education Offerings 2017-2018

October 1: Blessing of Animals with Pastors Mark Russell & Marilyn Witte

In honor of St. Francis, a great lover of animals, whose day on the church calendar is October 4, we will bless animals in the main parking lot (animals with four legs, scales, feathers, etc.). We know what a special place a pet can occupy in a household; bring your pets to receive a blessing at 10:00 am. Pet sitting will be provided in All Saints’ Hall during the 11:00 liturgy for those pets for which this is appropriate.

October 8: Forum: Beyond the Mountains, Inc.: Serving Neighbors in Nepal, with Steve Bell

Beyond the Mountains was formed as a 501(c)(3) charity in 2015 following a series of devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal, already one of the world’s poorest and most under-developed countries. Co-Founder Bob Grote has been a commercial trekking guide for 20 years, and considers Kathmandu a second home. He is particularly close to the Sherpa people, who come from the remote area surrounding Mt. Everest and were particularly impacted by the earthquakes. Beyond the Mountains has assembled a dedicated team of volunteers in the Lancaster, PA community (including Steve) who are working to establish and deliver programs and sustainable improvements to the education system in Nepal’s mountain villages.

October 28 (Sat.): New Member Orientation, with Pastor Mark Russell

Those considering becoming a part of this community of faith are invited to join Pastor Russell for this Saturday morning orientation in which we will explore Lutheran Christianity, especially as it is lived out at Good Shepherd. Contact Pastor Russell for more information.

October 15: November 19; Adult Class (6 wks): Lutherans—500 Years and Counting, with Pr. Russell and Garrett Book

2017 marks the five hundredth anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, which began when Martin Luther posted ninety-five theses for discussion in Wittenberg, Germany. Together we will review the context and precipitating events for the reformation, the history of the movement in Europe, the importation to and forms of Lutheranism in America, Lutheran contributions to music and worship, and reflections regarding what the reformation can teach us in dealing with diverse views and cultural challenges today. How to love our neighbors with whom we disagree?

November 26: Christ the King: Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting (No Adult Education)

December 3 - December 17: Adult Class (3 wks): Advent Texts, with Pastors Mark Russell and Tom Karge insert > reformation

Together we will read and reflect on the Advent texts appointed for each Sunday and then share our observations.

December 24: Christmas Eve Day 

No Education Hour / One morning service only at 10 am

December 31: 1 Christmas

No Education Hour